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COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Choose Khadiza Electricals to purchase COVID-19 Free premium electrical goods.

 In this rising pandemic situation, we are aware of the safety and health hazards that’s troubling your mind daily. That is why we, through our top-notch process of delivery, globally, are trying to meet your demands with maximum sanitization. 


Our entire focus lies on sanitizing our products entirely and ensuring that the products are packed with the utmost care and cleanliness. As we are an e-commerce website, we are working with professionals who are dutifully carrying out their responsibilities into maintaining hygiene and fighting the novel coronavirus. 


To give maximum hygiene and protection to your ordered items from our website, we are carrying out the finest ways of packaging the items at an affordable range. Also, there are no shipping charges. Our shipping and privacy policy ensures you that you will receive the products that are fully covered and cleaned with proper sanitization. 


Also, they are totally time-saving and hassle-free in order to reach you in the mentioned time period. We are trying hard to avoid delays amid the pandemic breakout and our free shipping facility is making our shopping experience entirely stress-free for you. 


Clients can pick from various shipping options as all items are being taken care of when it comes to sanitization. Our delivery personnel are maintaining proper hygiene and are providing the customers with better and quick shipping.


In case you are not happy or satisfied with the products delivered, we assure you to give a full refund of your money as per our refund policy. 


If you have any problem, reach out to us immediately. If anything bothers you about our products, feel free to reach out to our professionals as they are available and are providing round the clock services. Shoot a mail or make a call to us. Refer to the email address below